Concert and Festival Line Array PA speaker system lifting tower .

 Pair of 9m tall , 800kg rated truss tower masts availiable for Summertime 2018 festival events. 

we can deliver and Erect a pair of 7 or 9m tall truss towers on a thursday, with rollers for your motors, or hang manual chain blocks, for your festival event and PA stacks, and return to take down and remove off site on a Monday for all all inc package price of £1000 plus vat for the weekend

Summer 2018 festival speaker delay tower Bookings

One pair still free 21st to 24th June ( other pair at Hastings festival)

one pair sill free 28th - 2nd July (other pair Southend festival)

one pair still free 5th to 9th July ( other pair Birmingham festival)

Both Truss towers Free 12th to 16th ( were are working at Goodwood festival)

No towers free 19th to 23rd July (were in Nottingham festival)

Both Truss Towers Free: 26th to 30th July ( were working at ExCeL)

Both Truss Towers Free 2nd to 6th August

No towers free 9th to 13th August, (were at Ascot)

No towers free 16th to 20th Aug ( were in Milton Keynes)

one pair still free 23rd to 28th August ( other pair in Billericky)

Both Truss Towers Free 30th August to 3rd Sept ( were in America)

No towers free 3rd -5th November ( were at Victoria Park)