LineArray Speaker Trussing Tower Rental

Lighting trussing structures rental available from Herford based AV Truss hire company Conference-Trussing-Rental {updated June 2018}

Line Array Sound hire: Pair of Line array PA truss speaker towers for outdoor festival concert, audio hire events, 7m or 9m tall truss and flying frames.
7m tall, or our 9m tall Heavy duty truss mast PA speaker truss tower, for summer 2018 festivals, concerts, melas, carnivals, party in the park etc.

Truss towers are made up from 4 x 3m long bolt together box section Lighting truss (400mm x 400mm wide), bolted to a large 1m corner hinge section, with manual self wind up winches, (not the usual smaller lighter 300mm pin together box section)

Made from 3mm thick load bearing tubing, (not the normal 1.5mm thin wall truss tubing).  Exhibition quality. This is because it can be used for hanging valuable, heavy LED video walls, as well as a 12 hang 60kg box system and has a much higher wind resistance.

X5 SpeakersComes with adjustable feet for grass/ pavements, marble floors.

Comes with winch for self erecting on hinge section,
Comes with all 24mm nuts and bolts, these are parallel linked for single person bolting up, saves time and knuckles.
Comes with 8m drop manual 1 tonne chain hoist.

A pair can be set up in a few hours on your own, or within 30 mins with 4 riggers.
Much taller and stronger than the other towers on the market.
These two towers can fit in the back of a lwb sprinter van (but not much else can!)

We have also used this tower to fly Video wall screens, or to hang lights up high over sight restrictions.

We also have 1tonne and half tonne Verlinde 3phase winches with 20m chains

Flare Audio Triwave speaker system at Bude Leopallooza festival 2012

Flare Audio Triwave speaker system at Bude Leopallooza festival 2012

Can be used indoors in sports halls, arenas where there isnt a hanging point exactly where you want it, or if there isn’t enough weight loading or free space on the in-house lighting truss. Each section has just been load tested to 1 tonne, (pictured below) comes with load test certificate till Jan 19

Herefordshire based AV hire company T360 offer large selection of 3m and 4m long heavy duty truss 4 chord section, in either 300mm spigot pin joining, or heavy duty bolt together 400mm box section with corner blocks floor plates, for Exhibition stand construction, Conference events, freestanding videowall goalposts,line array speaker flying tower masts, festival stage roofs etc
We have 3m and 4m lengths of Global truss 300mm 4 corner spigot pin joining box truss for exhibition stands, with corner tube joiners and Box corner blocks
We supply Line array towers at 7m or 9m height, with 800kg loading, 12m unsupported goalpost frames at 4m or 5m height, and 16x 4m long truss section with box section corners for exhibition stands roofing / Lighting festival rigging.
Line Array Ground Support Truss Tower: Ultra-Thick AD400 Square/Box bolt together Truss Offers Heavy-Duty Strength, Greater Load Capability. Now, production houses can pile industrial-strength fixtures on their rigs with the new ultra-thick AD400 square/box trussing from Pacific Rim ADmark, by distributed in the Uk by T 360/ Conference-Truss-Hire.
With a heavy-duty load capacity, the AD400 is a virtual beast of burden designed for those who need extra-strength truss for Long unsupported spans. The ADMARK 400 is rigid enough to bear even the heaviest of loads because its truss walls are a full 3mm thick. Completely hand tig-welded, the AD400 is made from the super strong 6082-T6 aluminium alloy, a corrosion-resistant material that’s three times lighter than steel. We have Corner boxes, T pieces, Roller cradles, Verlinde 3 phase motors, Spansets, Roller. 
All have 12months certificate with a wide overhead span of 15 3/4 inches (400mm), the ADmark offers plenty of room to safely mount professional-grade lighting equipment and effects of all shapes and sizes. </p><p>It features a main tube diameter of approximately 2 inches (50mm), with 1-inch (22mm) diagonal bracing for added reinforcement. Here’s a truss for heavier-duty applications that offers the same light weight, value and other great features that Admark has become known for. </p><p>The AD400 tremendous tensile strength means that large-scale productions with seriously heavy lighting fixtures will now have no trouble at all securing their massive and complex rigs. And stage hands and roadies will be thrilled to discover that the Bolt Together Truss ends are incredibly easy to set up, break down and transport from show to show.” As well as M16 end bolts, The AD400 employs an innovative tube end cones system This serves to help maintain the AD400 Location on 9m - 15 long unsupported runs. </p><p>Call/ Text Roger on <span class="skype_c2c_print_container notranslate">07973 430950</span><span dir="ltr" id="skype_c2c_container" class="skype_c2c_container notranslate" onmouseover="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.showMenu(this, event)" onmouseout="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.hideMenu(this, event)" onclick="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.makeCall(this, event)"><span dir="ltr" class="skype_c2c_highlighting_inactive_common"><span id="non_free_num_ui" class="skype_c2c_textarea_span"><img class="skype_c2c_logo_img" src="resource://skype_ff_extension-at-jetpack/skype_ff_extension/data/call_skype_logo.png" width="1" height="0" /> </span></span></span>for more infomation. Email is: <a href=""></a></p><p><span xmlns="" xmlns:xhtml="" style="width: 320px; height: 200px;" class="wfxcodeplaceholder_large" title="Placeholder title" contenteditable="false" wfxtype="wfxcodeplaceholder" deletable="false"><span class="wfxcontainer_editicon"> </span><span class="wfxcontainer_editlabel">Code placeholder</span><span class="wfxcodesnippet" contenteditable="false" wfxtype="wfxcodesnippet">&lt;a rel=&quot;nofollow&quot; href=&quot;; target=&quot;_top&quot; title=&quot;CONFERENCE-TRUSS-HIRE&quot;&gt;&lt;img src =&quot;; alt=&quot;CYLEX Silver awarded company&quot; border=&quot;0&quot; &gt;&lt;/a&gt;</span></span></p><p><br class="wfxspacer" />Heteford based AV hire company <a title="Turnaround360 web site" href="" target="_blank">T360</a> offer a large selection of 3m or 4m long lighting heavy duty truss section, 400mm box section for Exhibition stand construction, or Conference events, Band stage lighting show hire . We dont stock any light duty 300m trilite metalwork! </p><p>Jan 2018: <font color="#ffff00"><strong><u>Lighting truss for hire </u></strong></font>for Conference events in exhibition halls, Hotel, Stage, Theatre, School, Exhibition, Marquee, Wedding, AV, Band, Disco, Party. We can deliver from our Hereford based store into London, M25 area</p><p><br />3-4m Tall vertical 400mm box mast truss on 1m square baseplate</p><p><img style="width: 433px; height: 492px;" border="0" src="/xml/wfxdirect/res;jsessionid=3A628BD85F3AC084FE667EF38EA5C53.TCpfix101b?name=3m+tall+truss+tower+on+base+plate.jpg&type=image" width="433" height="492" wfxtype="resource" wfxsrc="3m tall truss tower on base plate.jpg" /></p><p>Description </p><p>Listed with agency <u><font color="#ffff00"><strong>Erento website here:<br /></strong></font></u>This Trussing item is availiable for hire at £15 per meter or Corner box section, or winched up Caster box runner or 1m square base plate for a weeks rental</p><p>we also have chain hoists, 3phase electric motors, Spansets, safteys etc<br /><br /><br />Technical specification of Pro heavy duty box section lighting truss, in bolt together stock 3m or 4m long lengths. or shorter 1m or 2m Link sections, corners and roller boxes</p><p><br />15 3/4&quot; (400mm) OVERAL WIDTH <br />2&quot; (50mm) OUTER DIAMETER TUBING <br />1&quot; (25.4mm) DIAGONAL BRACING <br />0.12&quot; (3mm) WALL TICKNESS llllll<br />UNIT WEIGHT 81lbs. <br /><br />We have 8 sections in stock of this to make up a 24m long span, or 2x 12m spans, Priced at £20 per 3m, or 4m section, per job (1 day, to 1 week) <br /><br />We also have just had made two custom 12ft height up to 5m A frame Ends to lift the truss 12ft / or 5m up in the air for freestanding truss over stages, in conference rooms with no roof fixing, or side of stage Line array flying frames  more infomation from: 
We have all the nuts and bolts to assemble together, or we can also supply Spansets, chains, shackles for hanging from the roof, as needed. <br />Just been load tested for 1 tonne rating, per 3m section. 4 or 5m height Goalpost trussing 9-12m span, for flown LED video wall screens
Can be internally lit with an LED parcan or 300w Up-lighter. </p><p><br />Can also be used as a 7m tall line array truss tower, see our seperate listing. 
We also have PA, lights, staging to go with this. Check out our other Items Goods can be collected from our warehouse, J4 on the M3, or can be delivered, Rigged and collected in our sprinter van. Payment by BACS, cheque, Credit card, Paypal, or cash on the day .Please check rental terms for delivery costs. <